Rossa’s old photo in 1997. (instagram/asevw) – Instagram netizens have recently been busy highlighting Rossa’s youthful face when she became a magazine model in 1997. Not much different from her current face, the beautiful singer has succeeded in making netizens pangling. This old photo of Rossa when she became a magazine model in 1997 was uploaded by the @asevw account and went viral on Instagram on Thursday (13/1/2022). ”Rossa for KAWANKU No.37/23 March 1997” wrote the caption for the account. It can be seen from the uploaded photo, the ‘Tegar’ singer is posing to be the cover of a teenage magazine which was so booming at the time. With simple make-up and blue clothes, Rossa seems to be smiling broadly at the camera that is taking pictures of her. In the second photo, Rossa who is still very young is posing in a stylish white suit. Rossa’s old photo in 1997. (instagram/asevw)It’s not just her style that’s in the spotlight. After uploading this old school photo viral on Instagram, a number of netizens were then made to stare at Rossa’s youthful face which looks unchanged to this day. ”His face is the same until now, young” replied netizens. ”Feeling young now, Rossa, more beautiful for sure” another account commented. Rossa’s old photo in 1997. (instagram/asevw) ”Rossa’s face hasn’t changed until she is now. Like a vampire, not aging,” said netizens. ”Rosa’s tea is very young” wrote another netizen replying. Uploaded by the @asevw account and going viral on Instagram, the upload of Rossa’s old photo when she was a magazine model in 1997 has received hundreds of likes and comments from netizens. .

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