BMKG logo. (BMKG) – The latest earthquake was reported in Banten today, Friday (14/1/2022) at 16.05.41 WIB. According to the BMKG, the Banten Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 was a shallow earthquake caused by subduction activity. As reported by, the epicenter of the Banten earthquake was located at coordinates 7.21 degrees south latitude; 105.05 degrees East Longitude, or precisely located at sea at a distance of 132 km southwest of Pandeglang City, Pandeglang Regency, Banten at a depth of 40 km. Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Bambang Setiyo Prayitno, explained what caused the latest earthquake that occurred today. “By taking into account the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, the earthquake that occurred was a shallow type of earthquake due to subduction activity,” said Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center Bambang Setiyo Prayitno in a statement received in Jakarta, Friday. The results of the analysis of the source mechanism show that the earthquake has a thrust fault mechanism. The Banten earthquake on Friday afternoon was triggered by subduction activity. No tsunami potential. Photo: The epicenter of the earthquake on Friday (14/1/2022). [BMKG]The earthquake shock was felt from Banten, Sukabumi, Bogor, Lampung, Jakarta, Bekasi to Bandung. So far, there have been reports of the impact of damage in Munjul and Cimanggu sub-districts, Pandeglang district, caused by the earthquake. The modeling results show that this earthquake has no tsunami potential. Bambang said that until Friday at 16.40 WIB, the results of BMKG monitoring showed three aftershock activities, with a magnitude of 3.7, then 3.5 and the last one was 5.7. BMKG also appealed to people affected by the Banten earthquake to avoid buildings that were cracked or damaged as a result. Check and make sure the building is sufficiently earthquake resistant or not damaged before entering it. That is the latest earthquake report quoted by from, which according to the BMKG, the Banten earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 was due to subduction activity. ( Liberty Jemadu). .

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