Jakarta – Mother definitely knows the figure of the artist Ahmad Firdaus or who is familiarly called Daus Mini. Yes, some time ago, Daus Mini and his ex-wife, Yunita Lestari, had shocked the public because of their feud. The dispute began when Daus Mini’s wife, Shelvie Hana Wijaya asked Yunita to do a DNA test on her child and Daus, Ivander Haykal Firdaus or Ical. The attorney who accompanied Shelvie, Acong Latif, said that the request for a DNA test was only so that the family would be given peace. This request was not meant to accuse Yunita of doing various things. Shelvie said that after being married since 2018, she has not been given children. Because of that, Shelvie began to doubt Yunita’s child. “I’ve been married for 2 years, I haven’t been blessed with offspring. So from that I have doubts. “I have to (DNA test) for the sake of my household with Mas Daus. Like it or not, you have to do a DNA test,” he said in a HaiBunda article published in February 2021. This made Daus Mini’s ex-wife not accept it, Mother. She also reported Shelvie to Komnas PA because she doubted the DNA of Yunita and Daus’ children. Long feuded, Shelvie and Daus visited Yunita’s house, Mother. This visit was in order to apologize and resolve the misunderstanding that had occurred between them. Daus also said that the meeting that took place that night had resolved everything. He also revealed that nothing else had happened. After a fight, the names of Daus Mini and his wife were no longer heard. Until finally, Daus appeared and surprised the public by saying that his wife had given birth. Daus apparently kept this secret from the media, Mother. Daus wanted to surprise him on his happy day. “Yes, because it was a surprise. The point is never mind, everyone has different characters, right, we want a name to give a surprise,” said Daus. Daus knows that he and his family will continue to be a conversation in the eyes of netizens. Therefore, Daus was afraid to announce the birth of his first child. his marriage to Shelvie. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE (mua/pri) .

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