– Singer Mezzaluna D’Azzure appeared singing during a visit to the editorial office in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Thursday (13/1/2022). Mezzaluna, the daughter of musician Bimbim Slank finally followed in her father’s footsteps to enter the world of debut music through her debut song titled ‘In Situ’. Interestingly, Mezzaluna wrote the song ‘In Situ’ when she was 15 years old. At such a young age, he managed to pour his heartache into a song. “In Situ’ is a song about contacting someone without any response at all, Until finally we accept everything without expecting or fighting for anything anymore,” said Mezzaluna. In addition to songs, Mezzaluna has also made video clips that can be enjoyed on various music platforms. [ Winanto]


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