Jakarta – Lately, many people are talking about the figure of Ghozali, Mother. Not without reason, this is because his selfie photos on NFT have become the talk of netizens throughout Indonesia. The 22-year-old youth has apparently taken selfies since he graduated from Vocational High School or to be precise in 2017. He intends to make a timelapse of his own transformation. Because of that, he also took pictures with the same flat face. “Originally, I took photos every day to make a timelapse animation five years later to become a video, I see,” said Ghozali when met by detikINET. He also started studying NFT and studied it at the end of December 2021 yesterday and made it as a joke. But unexpectedly, his photos actually sold out until he suddenly became a millionaire. There are many people who buy this photo of Ghozali. One of them includes the famous YouTuber Reza Arap. Judging from his Instagram upload, Reza admitted that he had just bought one of Ghozali’s selfies at a fantastic price. He never even thought that he would buy a photo of Ghozali in his life. “Bought one of Ghozali’s photos last night for $1.3k,” he said. So what exactly is meant by Non-Fungible Toke or NFT, Mother? Getting to know NFT NFT is one of the investment assets that includes cryptocurrencies. The emergence of NFT has made the investment world more crowded. NFT itself is a digital asset that can be used as proof of ownership of goods that can be purchased with crypto currency. Usually, NFT covers the fields of art, video clips, music, games, and so on. In 2017, NFT became known when the NFT game,, Crypto Kitties, was launched. There, users can play games based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can adopt, maintain, and trade pet cats virtually. Generally, NFT comes in digital formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and others. If you already have NFT assets, you can use them for buying and selling goods properly and wisely. The goods sold are not far from works of art, games, and others. Of course, the final selling price of your work will depend on subjective factors such as quality, creativity, and reputation. So what’s the difference between NFT and crypto, Mom? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

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