Jakarta – There is good news for mothers who live in Solo and Yogyakarta. Travel time between cities, which was originally 1.5 hours, will be reduced to 20 minutes in 2023 via toll roads. The government is currently working on the Solo-Yogyakarta-NYIA Kulon Progo toll road project for the 42.38 km Kartosuro-Purwomartani toll road. Of course, this can only be realized next year if the construction of section 1 is completed according to the target, yes. Based on an official statement from the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) on Wednesday (12/1/2022), section 1 of the 42.38 km Kartosuro-Purwomartani segment is still under construction. The achievement of the project is currently at 17.88 percent. The government is targeting that section 1 of the 42.38 km Kartosuro-Purwomartani segment should be operational in the third quarter of next year, Mother. Can’t wait huh? However, you still have to be patient. Toll road construction usually takes quite a long time, Mother. Especially for the Solo-Yogyakarta route which reaches more than 60 kilometers. However, later on, Mother will be able to shorten the travel time if the toll road project is successfully implemented. The government has designed the Solo-Yogyakarta-NYIA Kulon Progo toll road with a total length of 96.57 kilometers. This toll road will have three sections, Mother. The toll road also crosses two provinces in Central Java for 35.64 km and the Special Region of Yogyakarta for 60.93 km. The investment value was recorded at IDR 26.63 trillion. The hope is that the presence of the Solo-Yogyakarta-NYIA Kulon Progo toll road can improve connectivity and accessibility between these areas, Mother. Not only that, this toll road is also expected to develop the area traversed by the toll road. Including to increase economic growth, especially in the Central Java region. As is known, Solo and Yogyakarta are routes that quite a lot of people pass. Not only local residents, the two cities are also crowded with tourists from outside the area. This toll road project is part of the Toll Road Development Program launched by the Government to support the Borobudur Super Priority National Tourism Strategic Area. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE (anm/som) .

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