Jakarta – A house has become a basic need for a complete family. However, having a large house is not necessarily obtainable because property prices are getting higher. However, that doesn’t mean the minimalist home that you have can’t feel comfortable and spacious. One of the keys is to decorate a minimalist bedroom design size 3×4. The goal is to make you and your family feel comfortable. The tips for designing a minimalist bedroom size 3×4 are as follows: 1. Furniture with white color A touch of white in a narrow room can make a bedroom measuring 3×4 wider. Mother can give a minimalist bedroom decoration with additional white furniture. Banner How to Make Bakwan Corn/ Photo: HiBunda/Mia Bunda can also put the mattress under the window and facing the door. With a layout like this, it can give the room a more comfortable and spacious impression. But don’t put too many things, just a wardrobe, mattress, and study table if needed. 2. Decorate using wallpaper. In a minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size, of course, the room will look boring if there are no decorations. For that, Mother can work around this by providing decorations using wallpaper. The presence of patterned wallpaper will make the room feel more alive without losing space. That way, you don’t need to add knick-knacks that aren’t too important to make the room more spacious. Just give a touch of a few photo frames and the room will feel more alive. 3. Make the best use of storage. In order for a minimalist bedroom decoration to be maximized, you need to take advantage of good storage in every corner. Make sure the furniture you use can also provide large storage space. For example, a mattress bed that has a cupboard on the bottom so it can be used to store things. To get furniture like this, you can order it custom, you know. 4. Arrange each item lengthwise. In a minimalist bedroom decoration with a size of 3×4, the actual size is rectangular. Therefore, to make it more comfortable, Mother can arrange each item lengthwise so that it can fill each room more appropriately. Try to choose furniture items that are adjusted to the size of the remaining room, yes, Bun. At the same time, you should buy a box or rectangular size. So even though the size of the room is small, it still gives a homey impression to its residents. Those are some ways to design a 3×4 minimalist bedroom that you can try to make it feel more comfortable. Remember, Bun, that what matters is not the size of the house but how to provide comfort for you and your family. (PK) Also check out the following video regarding recommendations for making gardens in narrow areas. (ziz/ziz) .

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