Jakarta – One of the ornamental plants that are easy to find anywhere, namely purslane flowers. This plant which has another name Moss rose is a flower that describes a beauty that looks like a newly growing rose. The leaves of the purslane are thick and green, cylindrical and fresh. This proves that purslane flowers like drought because purslane flowers like to be hot. Purslane flowers grow tiny that have bright colors so they can beautify your home page, Mother. Because of its small size, it is suitable and easy to grow in small pots. The more sun, the purslane flowers are happier so they can grow well in small and open spaces. Reported by The Spruce page, how to plant and care for purslane flowers that can beautify your home, Mother. 1. Watch This Before Planting Purslane Flowers Purslane is a popular choice for houseplants, it thrives in dry soil where other plants may find it difficult to thrive in drought conditions. Photo: Hi Mother/Mia Soil that is too wet can destroy the purslane flowers. Things that must be considered for planting purslane flowers are as follows: Lighting Purslane flowers need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day to look blooming properly. If you try to plant in a shady area, the purslane will fail to produce flowers that will most likely not bloom. Soil This plant thrives in humus soil and is not too wet because it requires excellent drainage. Soil holding too much water can easily cause plants to become infertile. Water The cactus-like purslane flowers have a need for dry conditions and low humidity, for more flowering to thrive in well-draining soil. If you enter the dry season, you can water it once a week during the summer is enough. Fertilizer Bunda can fertilize twice during the growing season of the plant by providing a balanced fertilizer at the time of planting. This can help promote healthy growth and abundant flowering. Click read the next page, yes, Mother. Also watch the video on how to grow celery using the base:
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