Jakarta – A star like Kate Hudson is also very serious when talking about her skincare, Mother. At an age that is no longer as young as it is today, Kate must be careful with her skin care. The skin must be treated very well. Good skin will indicate that you also have very good health. This 42-year-old woman said that along with age, her skin also changes, Mother. Kate admits that now her skin is more sensitive than before. Even so, Kate who used to really like to dress up and apply makeup, now admits she prefers simple makeup. “I’m very simple. I think as I get older my skin will be able to absorb more. And, in fact, my skin is sensitive,” he said, launching from the Allure page. “The less I use (makeup products) the better,” she continued later. Meanwhile, to maintain the health and beauty of her skin, Kate admitted that she never washes her face when she wakes up. In the morning, Kate would just wash her face and wipe it with a cloth. “I woke up and honestly, I didn’t do any cleanser. I washed my face in the morning with a cloth,” said the woman born in Los Angeles, April 19, 1979. She started this routine when her best friend, Gucci Westman, was applying makeup when she was in her mid-20s. He said that Kate does not need the treatment and will only increase her acne. “He said, ‘You should stop washing your face in the morning. You don’t have to do that. Maybe that’s why your (skin) has breakouts more often than usual’,” she said. He also stopped the habit and then he got a much better skin. Kate also confessed that she would be doing this for good. Kate has combination skin that changes according to the weather, Mom. In winter, her skin tends to be dry and she must always keep it hydrated. Are you curious about the skincare routine that Kate always does? Click read the next page, come on. Mother, also watch the video tips for removing blackheads on the nose below:
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