Jakarta – One Indonesia seems familiar with the figure of Krisdayanti. Yes, apart from being a diva, this mother of four children is now involved in politics and is a member of the council. One thing that is of concern, Krisdayanti’s beautiful and youthful face makes many people do not believe that she has entered 46 years. In fact, this year, he will welcome his first grandchild. Not only that, Krisdayanti’s current slimmer body shape has also attracted the attention of netizens. In one of her Instagram uploads, Krisdayanti shows a portrait of herself with her husband, Raul Lemos. Both wore batik with the same motif. It was not Krisdayanti’s fashion that stunned netizens. Instead, Krisdayanti’s waist looks slim to form an ideal body posture. She is even dubbed as a woman with body goals, you know. “Happily, my husband wants to stop by the office. Sowan to the faction,” he said, judging by the @krisdayantilemos account on Tuesday (11/1/2022). Many netizens have commented on this photo, Mother. Most of them even said that they had misfocused on the body shape of Aurel Hermansyah’s mother. “Body goal,” said a netizen. “Slim mbaaaaak,” explained another. “Salfok with the waist mimiiii.” “It’s sooooooooooooooo beautiful.” Banner for Ornamental Plants with Hydroponics/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Seeing her slender body, who would have thought that this woman who was born on March 24, 1975 is the mother of four children? No wonder his body is called body goals, although it is undeniable to achieve them, you must struggle, yes, Mother. Krisdayanti herself once admitted that her weight exceeded the ideal weight in the first year of the pandemic. Because, being forced to do activities at home alone makes him eat a lot of snacks. Do not stay silent, to lose weight to return to ideal, this diva who is familiarly called KD does various ways, from controlling the food consumed every day to increasing the intensity of exercise every day. “In addition to a healthy lifestyle, I do sports, plus my PPKM every morning,” said Krisdayanti, quoted from Wolipop. “Indeed, I increased the portion of exercise, so it took two hours. So it’s like what I eat, the calories go away immediately,” he added. The moment of gaining weight also made Krisdayanti pursue a new sport, namely wushu. “I tried a new sport in wushu. I call it anti-senile exercise, because there is movement, there is firmness in it, there is a rhythm, and it makes the body better. So I think the collaboration between drinking this fiber drink and exercising, getting enough sleep, eating healthy well, God willing, everyone can also get the ideal weight like me,” explained Krisdayanti. Not only focusing on body shape, as a public figure, of course facial care is also part of Krisdayanti’s routine. In this matter, it is known that there are at least seven types of facial treatments that he does. One of them is the salmon DNA injection which has been talked about a while ago. For more details, continue reading the next page, Mother. Mother, also check out the video tips to get rid of blackheads on the nose below:
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