Jakarta – Most Popular: Read the most popular articles on HaiBunda, Thursday (13/1/2022). There is an Oka Antara story about tolerance in his family, there is also a roadside chicken pecel sauce recipe. 1. Oka Antara’s story about Tolerance in the Family Since Mother’s Change of Religion Actor Oka Antara lives a life full of religious tolerance in his family. Not long ago, the 40-year-old man shared a spiritual story when his mother decided to convert. Oka’s mother had different beliefs with his father who embraced Hinduism. But then, his mother, who is a Muslim, decided to embrace Hinduism. Read more here. 2. 6 Delicious and Easy Roadside Chicken Pecel Sauce Recipes Made with Chicken Pecel Bun, the food we often encounter is usually ungkep chicken fried with chili sauce and fresh vegetables. One of the characteristics of traditional chili recipes in the Java area is the shrimp paste. The shrimp paste, which is usually made of shrimp, does give a touch of taste to the chili sauce that is made. Only by combining quality tomatoes, chilies, salt, and shrimp paste creates a simple chili recipe that tastes great. Read more here. 3. Krisdayanti’s slim waist makes Netizens Salfok, it turns out that this is what Krisdayanti does. Who doesn’t know the famous diva Krisdayanti? Yes, this mother of four children is now entering the world of politics and is a member of the council. Krisdayanti’s beautiful and youthful face makes many people do not believe that she is already 46 years old. Not only that, Krisdayanti’s current slimmer body shape has also attracted the attention of netizens. Read more here. 4. TKW Work in the Villa of the Arabian King’s Family, Salary IDR 38 Million & Bonus IDR 60 Million, What’s the Task? Getting a job to support a family is not an easy thing, Mother. Sometimes you won’t know where and from whom you will get sustenance. There are some people who have to be willing to leave their families to work as female workers (TKW) in other countries, Mother. They are bound by a contract that prevents them from returning to Indonesia often. Read more here. 5. 4 Tips So that the Rice Doesn’t Get Soggy and Easily Stale in the Rice Cooker Mother, the rice cooker is certainly a must-have item in the kitchen. It is undeniable, this tool can indeed facilitate the process of cooking rice. However, rice cookers also have drawbacks. Rice cookers have a weakness in terms of long-term storage of rice. Storing rice in the rice cooker for too long can make the texture mushy, Mother. In addition, rice also has the potential to become smelly and stale more easily. Read more here. (aci/pri) .

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