HiMom Videos | Haibunda Friday, 14 Jan 2022 14:31 WIB Entering 2022, of course the predictions of each zodiac sign will be different. But before that, did you know what zodiac sign is? According to Feng Shui expert, Dr. Akino W. Azzaro, zodiac sign is the ancient way of farmers to understand the complexity of the universe. According to him, humans belong to a universe that has different properties. If grouped into several groups, then humans will understand better to socialize with each other. From there emerged the term zodiac symbolized by twelve animals. On the occasion of IG Live with Hai Mother, he mentioned the predictions of the twelve zodiacs in this year of the water tiger. Some are lucky, cautious, and mediocre. Wow, which category do you think your zodiac sign belongs to? Find out in the following video, come on! Embed Video “> Share, Bun! Let’s share with HaiBunda Squad and join Live Chat directly with experts, Bun! Join now on the HaiBunda application! Are you pregnant, pregnant, or have children? Tell Bubun on the HaiBunda application, come on! .

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