Have you ever heard the term first impression? First impressions are how you make a good impression when you first meet other people. Well, this can also apply to your minimalist home. An attractive house will give a good impression to anyone who sees it. One of the most influential elements in an attractive home design is the selection of paint colors. Even though it is famous for its simple and modern impression, combining several colors will add to the attractiveness of your minimalist home. However, choosing paint colors for minimalist homes must be careful. If you mix the colors wrong, instead of being modern, it will make the appearance of the house unsightly. What colors are suitable combined, huh? Reporting from Better Homes and Gardens, here are minimalist house paint color combinations that can be considered to beautify your home. Read more here, come on. 1. Aqua Blue + Cobalt Blue + Pale Yellow Cobalt blue and pale yellow is a classic combination, but you can give it a new touch by adding aqua blue. The aqua blue color gives a natural impression and looks a bit monochromatic. Reporting from Very Well Mind, the color blue will give peace of mind and feeling. Blue is also often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Blue is often used to decorate offices, as research shows that people are more productive in blue rooms. 2. Gray + Brown + Yellow The combination of gray and light brown gives a jolt of energy from a bright color. These colors are an evolution of the weathered wood and industrial metal inspiration of recent years. The bright yellow color can be given a high gloss effect to make it look fresher. Giving brown will produce a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. Meanwhile, gray is one of the neutral colors that balances the modern and minimalist impression in Mother’s house. For yellow, it can give a little brightness in the atmosphere of the house, so it is often used as a combination of dark colors. Click to read the next page, Mother. Also check out what colors are called to bring hockey this year, Bun:
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