Old school comic by Tatang S. (Instagram/temannostalgia) Hitekno.com – Having gone viral on social media, posting the appearance of the cover of an old school comic that successfully made netizens reminisce. Because at the time it became popular reading. As is known, the hobby of reading comics has long existed. The local komil is no exception as in this viral post on social media. Posted on the Instagram account @temannostalgia, the appearance of an old comic cover that is familiar to the 80s and 90s generations. The older generation is also familiar with the appearance of comics or reading books like that. “Anyone like to read his work?” wrote @temannostalgia in the caption of his post, referring to the figure of this old school comic maker. We can see the cover of the comic with the title “Old Tree Dwellers”. An illustrated tree has a mouth and sharp teeth that seem to frighten the two puppet characters in front of it. We can also see Tatang Suhendra’s name emblazoned on the cover of the comic. Tatang Suhendra or Tatang S. is a comic artist who was quite famous in the 80s and 90s. His comics became favorite reading for children and teenagers in that period. He uses clown puppet characters such as Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong. This old school comic makes netizens nostalgic. (Instagram/nostalgic friend) Comics made by Tatang S. also help raise horror stories or urban legends circulating in the community. Older generations of netizens are auto nostalgic after seeing Tatang Suhendra’s comics. These comic strips are usually peddled by sellers around elementary schools or markets. Not a few elementary and junior high school children who bought this series of comics. Not only that, we are also quite familiar with the “torment of the grave” comics in the 90s. Comics with illustrations that were quite “creepy” at that time had become favorite reading material for older generations of teenagers. The photo of the old school comic provoked various comments from netizens. Tatang S’s old comics. (Pinterest) Not a few netizens admit that Tatang S’s old comics have been their reading since they were in elementary school. Even though this comic is classified as not for small children. “Every time I get pocket money for school, I always buy books like this, sometimes I use break time to read,” wrote @r**ky**st. “Required reading in elementary school (laughing emoticon),” said @ad*.mi**ubishi_wi**ta. “I really liked reading this when I was in elementary school,” commented @z**ir*. “I really liked it. Every time the deceased went to the market, she would definitely come back to buy comics like this (crying emoticon),” recalls @pr**.etyo**64. That was an old comic photo that made netizens nostalgic, what do you think? Have you ever read that old school comic that went viral on social media? .

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