The moment of a beautiful female student when she was about to get vaccinated. (instagram/ – Viral on social media, footage showing the moment a beautiful student is about to get vaccinated. What is seen in this viral video is also a lot of discussion for netizens. Not only made excited, netizens also thought hard and guessed what was in this viral video on social media. Until it went viral on social media, the video of this beautiful female student when she was about to get the vaccine was uploaded by the account, reaping various netizen comments. In the viral video, this beautiful schoolgirl appears to be receiving a vaccine injection. But there was a moment that made him panic. Because the uniform shirt was too tight so it couldn’t be rolled up to show her sleeves, this beautiful girl was then asked by the nurse to take off her shirt. Hearing the nurse’s suggestion, this high school student was immediately shocked and glared at the camera. His expression successfully made netizens busy. Anxious with the beautiful student’s moment when he was about to get this vaccine, netizens then gave various comments after the upload went viral on social media. “The sleeves are really tight,” replied the netizen. “Not playing” commented another account. “I feel like I want to be the one who injects,” said netizens. “I used to be like that too, because my shirt was long sleeved, so he said it’s better to just open the buttons,” wrote another account. After becoming viral on social media, the upload about the moment of the beautiful student during the vaccine has received more than 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments from netizens. That’s a viral video on social media, the expression of a beautiful girl who panicked when she wanted to get vaccinated. Netizens are busy commenting on what is seen in this video. .

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