Jakarta – Social media is one of the places where someone works, Mother. Sometimes, the resulting work becomes a trend and is followed by many people. The TikTok application is an example of many people being able to work and earn rupiah coffers. However, sometimes the resulting trend is negative in the eyes of some people. Some time ago, it was trending and viral on the TikTok video Unboxing by Husband, Mother. This trend is usually followed by newlyweds who capture their happy moments after officially being husband and wife. This trend is often referred to as the Bridal Unboxing trend. In the video, it is usually seen that the groom removes the accessories and veil from the bride after getting married. The location is generally in a room. When the groom was removing one by one the accessories that were on the bride’s head, the woman actually seemed to capture the moment through her cellphone camera with a smile. In fact, this trend is meant to commemorate and celebrate the happy day of the newlyweds, as well as to announce their status as legal husband and wife. However, it turns out that this trend that is rife in the neighboring country, Malaysia, has also received a lot of criticism. Not a few netizens judged this ‘unboxing’ action to deviate from Islamic rules, Mother. Not without reason, this is because most of the couples who follow this trend are Muslims who wear the hijab. Many netizens put comments on these ‘unboxing’ videos. They even say that it is not good for a husband to reveal his wife’s genitals. “Don’t you feel ashamed to record videos like that? A wife’s genitals must be guarded by her husband,” commented netizens. In addition, there are also netizens who say that young couples nowadays are often influenced by things that are considered inappropriate. Even though it is only for a trend that will later embarrass itself. “Today’s bride and groom are very easily influenced by inappropriate things just for the sake of trending but actually, it’s a disgrace to themselves and their families,” wrote another netizen. Not only disturbing many people, this trend has also made the religious department in Malaysia open its voice. Through a Facebook post, he reminded Muslims not to follow this trend. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

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