An angkot design that makes passengers feel at home. (instagram/dailyfun_id) – The video recording the luxurious design of an angkot has successfully garnered various reactions from netizens after being uploaded some time ago. Netizens were then made curious about the location of the angkot operating. Stealing attention until it went viral on Instagram, this video about the design of the angkot that was too luxurious was uploaded by the @dailyfun_id account on Tuesday (4/1/2022). ”The sultan’s public transportation checks, pays Rp. 4,000 as comfortable as that. Going home still using public transportation, as good as that using CCTV,” wrote the caption for the upload. In the uploaded video, it appears that an angkot is operating. Different from usual, this angkot has been modified with a super luxurious look. The seating area for this angkot is replaced with a soft material similar to a sofa, complete with curtains typical of a luxury house on each side of the window. Not only that, the owner has equipped his angkot with CCTV for security. An angkot design that makes passengers feel at home. (instagram/dailyfun_id) After it was uploaded and went viral on Instagram, the upload about the design of this angkot that was too luxurious then reaped various comments from netizens. ”I just fell asleep old public transportation, what else is like that” netizens replied. ”If an angkot like this won’t get drunk,” another account commented. “Auto go to school, you don’t have to ride a bicycle,” said netizens. “Sure you won’t go home,” wrote another netizen. Uploaded by the @dailyfun_id account, the upload regarding the luxurious design of this angkot has then been watched more than 130 thousand times and reaped hundreds of comments from netizens after it went viral on Instagram. .

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