Jakarta – Veronica Tan shares some news, Mother. Together with the foundation he founded, Waroeng Imaji, he created a podcast for parents and children. The podcast contains fairy tales and early education for children, Mother. Veronica Tan Foundation, Waroeng Imaji in collaboration with Podcast Network Asia by presenting two episodes of children’s fairy tales per month. The podcast is broadcast on the Spotify platform. During the launch of the Waroeng Imaji Podcast, the mother of three also revealed that the purpose of the fairy tale podcast was to build children’s character from an early age. “We as parents, as much as possible how to build the child’s character from an early age. It’s just that we (parents) usually do, how do we take the topic for children? I see,” said Veronica Tan on Instagram Live, Launching the Waroeng Imaji Podcast, Thursday ( 13/1/2022). “Sometimes communication between adults and children is difficult. Therefore, we can take (the topic) from reading books, communicating through fairy tales. We look for ways to communicate and in that communication there is repeated character building. repeat.” Ornamental Plants Banner with Hydroponics/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia The reason Veronica Tan chose fairy tales as a ‘media’ for children’s character building is that sometimes adults and children can connect through fairy tales, Mother. Called Veronica, the fairy tale has many levels, some of which are intended for children to adults. Reading fairy tales is likened to a parent’s ‘tool’ how they can communicate with their children. “If you just talk to us, it seems like we don’t have a way, there’s no topic. But in the fairy tale, we can use the topic through the stories given by the fairy tale to communicate with children,” Veronica Tan also revealed that the fairy tale delivered through the podcast Waroeng Imaji is purely the work of the foundation, not the folk tales that have been told before. Read the continuation on the following page. Check out the benefits of fairy tales for children through the following video:
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