Illustration of holding hands. (Pixabay) – Viral on social media, a video showing a woman performing a prank by holding the hand of an unknown person. But what he got was unexpected treatment. Not only did they get unexpected treatment, this prank video holding this person’s hand was also in the spotlight of netizens. It appears in the viral video on social media, this woman gets unpleasant treatment from other people. The viral video became a netizen conversation after it was uploaded by the TikTok social networking account @ti***. In just 9 hours since its broadcast, the video which was uploaded on January 13, 2022, has been watched more than 80 thousand times and liked by 533 TikTok users. “How dare you,” wrote the uploader in the description column, as quoted by In the viral video on social media, a woman is seen climbing the escalator alone. The woman wore a black and white t-shirt and paired it with black pants. Making a prank on holding people’s hands, women get this treatment until they end up embarrassed themselves (TikTok) In contrast to the escalator the woman was riding, the escalator next to it was actually packed with several people. Then, the woman suddenly touched the hand of a man who was on the next escalator. Apparently, the woman was doing a prank. Treated this way, the possibility of the man surprised and felt disapproved. The man in the blue shirt seemed to pull his hand quite roughly. The woman who was a little scared walked up quickly, while the man was still looking at her while holding out his hand. “Men are rude to women,” wrote the uploader. Making pranks on holding people’s hands, women get this treatment until they end up embarrassed themselves (TikTok) Netizen Comments It didn’t take long, the viral video on social media was immediately flooded with comments from netizens using TikTok. Most netizens even criticized the woman’s prank in the video. “Don’t get used to imitating western pranks, because they are mostly the result of mature settings,” commented netizens. “It’s not muhrim, the boy said,” said another. “Shame is not playing,” wrote netizens. “How come you’re even annoyed, there’s a girl like that,” added another. “I am a woman, I support the father,” said netizens. “Remember, don’t start if you don’t want to reap. The one who uploads happiness is also a lot of people misunderstand without knowing the case,” added another. That’s a viral video on social media, the prank intention of holding other people’s hands ends up getting unexpected treatment. ( Frida Hanifa Putri). .

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