Haibud Video | Haibunda Saturday, 15 Jan 2022 12:39 WIB Does your little one need extra milk? To meet the nutritional needs of their little ones, many parents choose to give formula milk to support their growth and development. Did you know that formula milk on the market has different ingredients from each other? For this reason, before choosing milk, you need to know the needs of each child according to their medical conditions and their needs accordingly. Pediatrician’s recommendation is needed to choose the right formula milk. If your little one does not tolerate standard formula milk, immediately switch to another milk brand by adjusting the content in it. It is important for mothers to know the symptoms or signs that the baby is not suitable for formula milk. What are the signs? Find out in the following video! Embed Video “> Share, Bun! Let’s share with HaiBunda Squad and join Live Chat directly with experts, Bun! Join now on the HaiBunda Application! Monitor your little one’s growth and development every month only on the HaiBunda Application! .

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