CoffeeTalk. (Toge Productions) – Not many people know, there are many games made by Indonesian developers. Games made in Indonesia which are world wide have successfully competed with other foreign games. One of the world-famous games made in Indonesia is horror games. But keep in mind, games made by local developers are not only confined to the horror genre. This Indonesian game, which has successfully penetrated the international market, is published by a leading publisher. Some of them also received a positive response and became a hit among gamers. The following recommendations for games made in Indonesia that are worldwide like are summarized for you. 1. DreadOut DreadOut. (Steam)DreadOut is a horror game made by an Indonesian developer developed by Digital Happiness and released on May 15, 2014. This Indonesian-made game features ghosts such as pocong, sundel bolong and other famous ghosts. This horror game tells of a high school student named Linda who got lost in a dead city with a teacher and some of her friends. Linda is equipped with supernatural powers to fight ghosts using her smartphone. 2. DreadOut 2 DreadOut 2. (Digital Happiness) Digital Happiness released DreadOut 2 in 2018. DreadOut 2 is the second sequel and continues the story that was left behind in the first DreadOut. This Indonesian-made game comes with better gameplay mechanics and visuals. DreadOut 2 was developed using the Unreal Engine, where in terms of gameplay this game will be more open than the previous series. 3. Ghost Parade Ghost Parade. ( The platformer game Ghost Parade from Lentera Nusantara was released for PC, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital media. This game tells, Suri who must explore the forest to be able to return home. Fortunately, Suri is able to take advantage of the ghosts’ abilities to navigate various obstacles. 4. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. (Agate)Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story, is a PC game made in Indonesia that carries the concept of simulation and is flavored with adventures from its characters. Players are asked to build a school of heroes in a Role Playing Game (RPG) world, taking on the task of being the principal. The features offered are the ability to build structures, multiple facilities and manage each student activity. This game is also complemented by the adventures of several students who were selected as the best team, in carrying out extraordinary missions. 5. Ultra Space Battle Brawl Ultra Space Battle Brawl. (Steam)Through this game, players will experience two types of games. By bringing the concept of the game of pong, which is wrapped in the essence of fighting with steroids. That said, this game is quite competitive. Although difficult to master, in reality, Ultra Space Battle Brawl provides a lot of fun. This Indonesian-made game was developed by Mojiken Studio based in Surabaya. 6. Motte Island Motte Island. (Gamebell Studio) Motte Island is an adventure game wrapped in a fairly tense horror spice. You will play as an assassin trying to save his younger sister who is haunted by an evil spirit. There are many surprising jumpscares stored in this game, making the tense atmosphere brought by this game even more pronounced. 7. Just Deserts Just Deserts. (Vifth Floor) Just Deserts, is a Visual Novel game that has many story branches that certainly won’t make you bored quickly. You act as a military force that will serve with 5 women who will be your partners in the future. You can freely choose who you will approach, from these 5 women. 8. Coffee Talk Coffee Talk. (Toge Productions)Coffee Talk hit the global gaming market when it launched. How the game that is thought to be a simulator game actually offers its own uniqueness. In this game made by Toge Productions, you play the role of a barista who owns a coffee shop. Not only serving drinks to customer orders, you will get various stories that they share. The main strength of this Indonesian-made game is indeed on the narrative side. How developers weave various stories to be presented through coffee shop visitors. Those are 8 recommendations for games made in Indonesia that are global and you can enjoy to fill your spare time. Which game did you choose? Contributor: Pasha Aiga Wilkins.

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