– Positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia as of Saturday (15/1/2022) increased by 1,054 people. Thus, the temporary number of Covid-19 cases has now reached 4,270,794 people. The data was reported by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) through its official Twitter @Kemenkes RI. As of now, there are 8,463 active cases recorded. Meanwhile, the recovered cases increased by 464 people. So far, 4,118,164 people have been declared cured of Covid-19. Read also: Omicron COVID-19 cases have not been found in South Sumatra, residents are asked to remain vigilant. Then, 4 more deaths have been reported. In Indonesia alone, there were 144,167 people who died from the virus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health also reported that as many as 4,345 suspects had undergone examinations. Then, a total of 277,856 specimens have also been examined. .

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