Old school photo of Syahrini and Luna Maya. (instagram/reuninostalgia) Hitekno.com – An old photo of singer Syahrini while hanging out with Luna Maya stole the attention of netizens on Instagram recently. Amazed by her beautiful face, Luna Maya then reaped various compliments from netizens. This old photo upload of Syahrini and Luna Maya was uploaded by the @reuninostalgia account and went viral on Instagram on Sunday (25/4/2021). From the uploaded photo, the beautiful actress Luna Maya looks busy enjoying her time with Syahrini and three other people. This moment was then immortalized in the old photo. “Syahrini and Luna Maya when they were still using old-school Blackberry and Nokia, when charging, they used a frog case,” wrote the caption for the upload. After this old photo of Syahrini and Luna Maya went viral on Instagram, various comments were then left by netizens. A number of netizens praised Luna Maya’s face, which was said to have been beautiful for a long time. Old school photo of Syahrini and Luna Maya. (instagram/reuninostalgia) ”Luna Maya has been beautiful since the old days” netizens replied. ”Luna Maya has always been beautiful,” another account commented. ”Luna Maya’s beauty doesn’t fade,” said netizens. “Wow, this is a sacred photo, wow,” wrote another netizen. Uploaded the @reuninostalgia account and it went viral on Instagram, the upload about the old school photo of Syahrini and Luna Maya hanging out together has received thousands of likes and comments from netizens. .

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