Jakarta – Donuts are indeed one of the most popular foods for many people, from children to adults. Its distinctive round shape with a sweet taste in the topping makes those who eat it feel satisfied and happy. Donuts are unique, right, because the toppings can be adjusted according to the taste of the diner. Now, Bubun is trying to share how to make donut toppings with the tastes of the millennial generation. You can make it at home so you don’t have to spend money to eat out again. The ways to make donut toppings for millennials are as follows: Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 1. Donut topping with chocolate sprinkles. The one topping is indeed the most widely used and in demand by donut buyers. It’s not wrong if then this topping recipe, Bubun, is included in this article. Here’s how to make chocolate donut topping. Ingredients: 500 grams of chocolate bar 2 tablespoons honey 50 grams of fresh milk 1 tablespoon margarine How to make chocolate topping:1. First, boil the fresh milk until it boils. Enter the chocolate bars that have been cut into pieces, mixed with honey, and margarine 3. Stir until smooth.4. After blending and all the ingredients are mixed, then turn off the stove.5. Pour the cooked ingredients into the bowl and then slowly dip the donuts into the bowl containing the chocolate solution. 2. Topping donuts with a sprinkle of tiramisu In addition to chocolate, toping tiramisu is also loved by many people. One of the reasons is the taste of tiramisu which is not too sweet so that people don’t feel nauseous when eating it. The method is quite easy and interesting to eat. Ingredients:  200 grams of white chocolate bar  Instant coffee that is not too sweet to taste How to make tiramisu topping:1. Enter the pieces of white chocolate bar and boil with enough water.2. If it is flat, turn off the stove and pour the melt into a container.3. Then, pour the coffee grounds in a different container.4. Then dip the donuts in a container containing melted white chocolate.5. Next, sprinkle the donuts with coffee grounds that have been dipped in melted white chocolate bars. 3. Chocolate donut topping mixed with meses This one topping is often found in street food vendors, the mixture of chocolate toping and meses gives a sweet taste in the mouth and makes you addicted. Ingredients:  1 tbsp margarine  1 chocolate bar  Meses according to Mother’s taste How to make chocolate mixed meses topping:1. Enter the chopped chocolate bar and boil with enough water on low heat. Add margarine to the melted chocolate until blended, if it is mixed turn off the stove, and pour the melted chocolate into the container.3. Then dip the donuts in the container and sprinkle the meses on top of the donuts. There are many other toppings that Mother can create at home. Some of the toppings above are easy and simple ways to make donut toppings. Also try to consult with your little one about which toppings they like and start baking together. (PK) Also check out the following video about the recipe for spicy shredded fish that can warm the atmosphere at home. (ziz/ziz) .

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