Purslane flower plants are quite popular during the pandemic because they have a variety of beautiful colors. Even to get a unique color, you can also marry purslane flowers. Purslane, also known as moss rose or portulaca, is a popular ornamental flower during spring. Purslane flowers bloom beautifully during the summer. Native to South America, purslane flowers can grow from 7 to 22 cm. Purslane flowers can also be spread which will beautify your home page. If you have pets such as cats or dogs, be careful in choosing where to place the purslane flower plant. The beautiful purslane flower plant is poisonous and harmful to cats and dogs. As an option, you can plant it in a hanging pot. These beautiful flower ornamental plants can thrive even though the soil in which they live tends to be poor and dry. On the other hand, purslane flowers can die if they are in too wet soil. How to marry purslane flower plants? Are you interested in marrying purslane flowers to produce new color variants? Listen below, come on. 1. Choose two true-colored purslane mother plants for mating. Launching from The Spruce, the most common purslane flower variations include pink, peach, yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, magenta, lavender and purple. However, the results of crosses can produce new colors that are more contrasting, and have variations in spots and stripes. Choose two purslane plants that are in full bloom and use sharp scissors to cut them about 10 cm each or make at least one knot, then remove the leaves and flowers. Place the stem in a container of water while you prepare the pot for planting. 2. Prepare a pot with planting media Prepare a small pot. Combine a moist but well-drained mixture of sand, soil, and peat moss and place it in a pot. Remember, Mother, purslane flowers do not like soil that is too wet, yes. 3. Plant in a pot. Plant the stem of the purslane flower that has been knotted into the pot, then immerse it about 7 cm into the soil. Once fully planted, cover the top of the pot with a plastic bag to lock in moisture. For the next way to marry purslane flowers, continue reading the next page, yes, Mother! Check here, Mother, the types of Bougenville flower ornamental plants that can beautify the yard:
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