Are you trying a diet to lose weight? Maybe you can imitate the intermittent fasting diet. This type of diet has recently been quite popular and has been carried out by many Indonesian public figures, one of which is Katty Butterfly. The YouTuber, who used to be known as a disc jockey (DJ), is currently on an intermittent fasting diet. In a podcast with Deddy Corbuzier, Katty said the intermittent fasting diet helped her keep her weight balanced. Although she never misses uploading food and culinary content on her official YouTube account every day, Katty Butterfly’s weight is not excessive. Katty Butterfly admitted that the diet method was suitable for her. “That’s what I just found out and it fits really well. Sometimes people are different but I really fit this IF,” said Katty Butterfly on Deddy Corbuzier’s official YouTube account. What is the Katty Butterfly-style intermittent fasting diet that you can imitate? Here’s the review. Katty Butterfly’s intermittent fasting diet rules for eating intermittent fasting. Katty Butterfly says that it’s time to go on an intermittent fasting diet every day to maintain weight. He always eats from morning only until noon and does not eat food at night. “For example, I eat breakfast until 2 pm. So I’m IF,” said Katty Butterfly. It’s no wonder that she often uploads mukbang photos (eating in large quantities), Katty Butterfly’s body shape remains slim and not obese. According to Katty Butterfly, the intermittent fasting diet can help her eat anything, it’s delicious but still maintains its shape. “So you can eat anything, eat well, eat a lot, then fast,” he added. Katty Butterfly’s intermittent fasting diet rules? The intermittent fasting diet is not only followed by Katty Butterfly but also a number of other celebrities, such as Melaney Ricardo who has successfully lost up to 15 kilograms of weight. As the name suggests, the concept of intermittent fasting diet is done by fasting for 16 hours every day or 24 hours twice a week. Citing Healthline, in undergoing an intermittent fasting diet like the Katty Butterfly, there are no specific restrictions on eating food. However, the intake is still maintained so that the results are more optimal. Mothers also need to set time to eat and fast. Like Katty Butterfly who arranges breakfast only until 14.00 and the rest fasts. Also check out Ivan Gunawan’s successful diet tips to look slimmer now!
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