Jakarta – House prices in elite areas such as Pondok Indah are expected to continue to fall this year, Mother. The reason is not only because the economy is not yet normal, but because many homeowners intend to release their assets. As a result, prices fell this year. “In Pondok Indah, for example, in the Bukit Golf area, it was above Rp. 60 million/m2, now it is lower, for example, Rp. 40 million – 50 million/m2,” said DPC Chairman of the South Jakarta Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (Arebi) Andria Dian Palupi to CNBC Indonesia. , Thursday (13/1/2022). The price can go down even more if the homeowner is in need of money quickly, namely selling at a lower price. For example, on the OLX buying and selling site, there is an owner selling a house with a land area of ​​715 m2 and a building area of ​​450 m2, which is at a price of Rp. 23.5 billion, meaning the price is Rp. 23.867 million/m2. Even that is still negotiable, Mother. The owner only claims that the price only counts the land, the location of the house in the prestigious elite area of ​​​​the beautiful cottage, the beautiful and quiet location near the golf hill area, JIS, Pondok Indah Hospital. Despite being overshadowed by low prices, the broker said he was still optimistic because he could buy opportunities to sell his property assets. Moreover, Andria said that the turnover in the South Jakarta area for Pondok Indah and Kebayoran was still relatively high. CONTINUE TO CLICK READING HERE.

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