Photo of Monas in 1980. (instagram/potolawas) – The old photo that captured the atmosphere of the National Monument or Monas in 1980 has succeeded in making netizens nostalgic recently. After going viral, netizens compared the condition of Monas in 1980 and now. Viral on Instagram, the photo of the Monas atmosphere in this old 1980 photo was uploaded by the @potolawas account on Thursday (11/18/2021) and immediately reaped various reactions from netizens. “The Jakarta National Monument around September 1980,” wrote the caption for the upload. Seen in the uploaded photo, the atmosphere of Monas in 1980 was so beautiful and quiet. It appears then that a number of public vehicles are allowed to enter the area. What stole the attention of netizens was the atmosphere that was so different from now. In the reply column for uploading an old photo of the 1980 Monas atmosphere, various comments were then left by netizens. Photo of Monas in 1980. (instagram/potolawas) ”Today, Monas is used for demonstrations,” netizens replied. ”I’m really happy, public transportation can enter to the Monas court” another account commented. ”The atmosphere is like very peaceful. Motorcyclists don’t even wear helmets, just enjoy it,” said netizens. ”It’s not that complicated now, it’s still roomy” wrote another netizen replying. After being uploaded by @potolawas and going viral on Instagram, this upload regarding the 1980 Monas photo has already received thousands of likes and comments from netizens. .

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