Photo of a small trader in a 1996 photo. (instagram/reuninostalgia) – The photo of two small traders who was taken in 1996 has attracted various reactions from netizens. A number of netizens were made to focus on the snacks sold by the two traders. The upload about the little trader in this 1996 photo was uploaded by the @reuninostalgia account and went viral on Instagram last Friday (30/7/2021). Based on the information in the caption of the upload, this old photo was taken in Bali in 1996. Seen then two small traders who are selling their goods in the area. ”Portrait of a small trader in Bali in 1996. Look at the merchandise being sold, was there your favorite at that time?” wrote the caption for the upload @reuninostalgia. Making the wrong focus, netizens then highlighted a number of snacks sold by the two little traders. Seeing the two selling baskets, the two boys seemed to be selling a number of sweets and other snacks that were in great demand at that time. Photo of the little trader in the 1996 photo. (instagram/reuninostalgia) Going viral on Instagram, the upload of the little trader in this old 1996 photo has garnered various comments from netizens who say that the snacks sold are usually favored by the children of the sultan. “All snacks for the sultan’s children,” replied netizens. ”Fruit candy that has flour in it, I remember it very well” another account commented. “That’s really favorite powder candy,” said netizens. Uploaded by the @reuninostalgia account and going viral on Instagram, the upload regarding this old photo of a small merchant in 1996 has received thousands of likes and comments from netizens. .

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