– To accelerate the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) Culture, the government has a policy to make efforts to protect workers more effective and efficient. The Director General of Binwasnaker and K3 of the Ministry of Manpower, Haiyani Rumondang said, the policy was carried out by involving elements of workers/ laborers or trade unions/ labor unions through the implementation of K3 integrated with a measurable, structured, and integrated K3 management system or known as the implementation of the OHS Management System ( SMK3). “The implementation of SMK3 is carried out so that in an effort to prevent accidents and occupational diseases it can be realized and increased productivity will also be created, so that the OHS culture is attached to every individual involved in the company,” said Haiyani, Saturday (15/1/2022) in Jakarta. In addition, he said, efforts to improve the implementation of K3 nationally to realize an OHS culture, including by perfecting laws and regulations and standards in the field of OHS, including the availability of Guidelines for Labor Supervision in Pandemic Periods. Read also: Minister of Manpower Invites Young Generation to Become Mushroom Farmers Another effort is to increase the role of supervisors in the K3 field in fostering and inspecting and enforcing laws in the K3 field; increase the awareness of entrepreneurs/management, workers and the community so that they have the competence and authority in the field of K3; and increasing the participation of the community, OSH institutions and OSH care workers. Efforts are also made by increasing collaboration with OSH professional associations and universities having OSH programs; increasing Indonesia’s participation in regional and international forums in the field of OSH, among others: The Workshop on Development of ASEAN Guideline of HIV Counseling and testing in the workplace, 1st Workshop on Economic Justification os OSH programs in the construction sectors, Workshop on the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 at workplace for sustainable business, 22nd Coordinating Board Meeting (CBM) ASEAN OSHNET and 7th and 8th ASEAN OSHNET Conference. “We are also perfecting the implementation of digitalization-based K3 supervision, information and services, including the Occupational Safety and Health Service System (Teman K3) which is an online-based integrated service which includes Occupational Safety and Health Service Companies (PJK3), Audit Institutions and SMK3, K3 Personnel. , Virtual Class for K3 Guidance,” he said. .

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