Jakarta – Are you following the Disconnected Kites web series? This week, the series has reached its ninth episode. The conflict between Kinan, Aris, and Lydia is getting hotter. Talking about the problems that exist in Layangan Putus, domestic turmoil between Kinan and Aris is often encountered in reality. Saturation often appears in marriage. However, back to how the husband and wife respond to this saturation. Don’t be like Aris, who treats boredom by having an affair. Do you agree, Mother? In the novel version of Layangan Putus written by Mommy ASF, Aris even lets the problems between himself and Kinan get out of the ‘door’ of their household. In the novel, Aris is told to pour out his heart to his father-in-law (Kinan’s mother) by accusing Kinan of having a wrong relationship. Kinan has changed a lot after hanging out with his rich friends. Here are what Kinan’s mother said, conveying Aris’s story to her about Kinan: “Aris said you got along the wrong way and asked for many things according to your friendship style.” “Yes, you are so demanding with him. You don’t understand his condition as a husband, Nduk.. be patient.” Mother only conveyed what Aris told her. Kinan is said to hang out with rich people so he wants something jetset. Even though his heart was hurt, Kinan only replied to his mother with a smile. He couldn’t understand what his mother had said to him. Duh, my heart is sliced, right, Bun. If you were in Kinan’s position, how would you respond? Regarding the novel Layangan Putus itself, there is an interesting story behind the publication of the novel from Mommy ASF. How’s the story? Read on the next page. Also check out the video about Mommy ASF proving that she has moved on and made peace with her ex-husband:
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