Jakarta – Have you ever heard that some foods, such as young pineapples, should be avoided during pregnancy? Many myths surrounding pregnancy are associated with food. Not a few mothers believe that there are taboo foods that should not be consumed during pregnancy, because they can cause health problems for the baby to the mother’s miscarriage. One of the foods that are known to cause miscarriage and should be avoided during pregnancy is unripe pineapple. Especially in the early trimester of pregnancy when the mother’s womb is still vulnerable. “Not only endangering health, many pregnant women also believe that dietary restrictions can have a negative impact on the fetus. In principle, there are no foods that are forbidden to eat during pregnancy. The most important thing is that food can meet the needs of the mother and baby in the womb,” said Dr. Ilham Utama Surya, SpOG obstetrician who practices at Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital, told HaiBunda some time ago. One of the most unique things about being pregnant is that you will quickly learn a thousand new facts. You will hear warnings, tips, and advice from people, even strangers, about things you never considered before getting pregnant. Likewise with the myth that young pineapple is not good for pregnant women. So what’s the cause? Can you eat pineapple safely, or should you avoid it during pregnancy? infographic on pineapple myths for pregnancy/ Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari Launching from the Mom Loves Best page, pineapple is completely safe to eat during pregnancy. Many myths say it is dangerous because it can cause miscarriage, but actually, there is no scientific evidence to show this. Some people do have the experience of eating pineapple before having a miscarriage or entering labor, but statistically, many pregnant women eat pineapple without any problems. That’s not to say there’s no risk, especially when eating large amounts of pineapple. Some pregnant women experience severe ulcers and heartburn after eating fresh pineapple. Likewise, pineapple, like any fruit, can cause diarrhea and stomach discomfort. Getting to know the bromelain content in pineapple Launching from the Healthline page, pineapple contains bromelain, a type of enzyme. Well, bromelain tablets are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. This is because this enzyme can break down proteins in the body and cause abnormal bleeding. Although bromelain is found in the core of pineapples, very little is actually in the flesh of the pineapple we eat. The amount of bromelain in one serving of pineapple will not affect your pregnancy. In essence, the normal intake of this young pineapple will not have a negative impact on your pregnancy. Check out the full explanation on the following page! Well, there is an explanation about the myth of killing animals while pregnant, Mother. Click on the video below:
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