Jakarta – The Disconnected Kites Series is still a hot topic of conversation today. Many viewers were made hot by competing roles of Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino, and Anya Geraldine. Adapted from a novel by Mommy ASF, Layangan Putus tells the story of the household heads of Aris (Reza) and Kinan (Putri). Their relationship is threatened with breaking up because Lydia (Anya) is a thorn between them. Aris is said to have an affair with Lydia. In fact, Kinan is known to be pregnant with their child. Kites Putus successfully stirred the emotions of the audience through scenes of infidelity that irritated the audience. Not only the audience, even the players are also affected by the roles they play. This made netizens curious about the reactions of their respective partners. Moreover, Kinan and Aris are told as a married couple, which of course has an intimate scene. A netizen finally asked this in a live session on Instagram @officialpilarez. At that time, Reza Rahadian and Putri Marino were opening a question and answer session in a live broadcast on social media. “With this role, each partner was jealous or not, right?” asked a netizen who was read by Reza Rahadian. Hearing this question, Reza Rahadian immediately responded. He felt that the question was more suitable for Princess Marino. The reason is, at this time he does not have a partner like Putri who is married to Chicco Jerikho. “I think this question only applies to Putri,” commented Reza. He also said that Chicco Jerikho could not be jealous of his intimate scene with Princess Marino. That’s because Chicco Jerikho is also an actor. “No, Chicco is also an actor. He also knows what his profession is like,” said Reza. Putri Marino also replied while nodding, “Yes, yes. There is nothing (jealousy) anyway.” “Nothing, guys,” he replied again. Putri admits that the biggest challenge for her right now is not the relationship with Chicco Jerikho. Instead, he had to position himself as Kinan, a mother who was cheated on. The 28-year-old actress is trying to be fully Kinan. He even has to create the same emotions as Kinan, even though he has a happy family with Chicco Jerikho and their child at home. “Kinan thought he had the perfect family, but suddenly he was cheated on. I’ve never been in that position, so I have to know how it feels to be cheated on. So I feel angry, annoyed, resentful, hate that I carry every day. I even brought home,” said Putri. On the other hand, Anya Geraldine who became Lidya had to face the awkwardness of dealing with Princess Marino as an actor. Read on the next page, Mother. Also watch the video about the difference between the character Kinan and the writer, Mommy ASF below:
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